Garden Wedding at The Plough in Wilmington

Jenny & Lawrence

Lawrence and Jenny are very creative people and wanted to decorate and add their special mark to the day; they needed a blank canvas on which to place their vision. The briefing for the event was a country style wedding and we needed to create a very personal space within a public venue.

  • What we started with

    What we started with

    The bridal couple grew their own pots of flowers for the table decorations and made their own pots of jam as keepsakes of their special day. There were hay bales in the marquee, floral bunting and hopsack linen table runners!

  • Grasping how to deliver on their requirements

    Grasping how to deliver on their requirements

    This wedding took place in the garden of a public house; The Plough in Wilmington, Kent, DA1. The venue was a very child friendly environment, which naturally helped to create a relaxed atmosphere for those guests that had children with them.

  • Shifting the focus

    Shifting the focus

    Lawrence and Jenny’s wedding was in a different style altogether and the couple were thoroughly involved and well organised. We were there to advise but they were an integral part of planning from the off. Their day was truly about them!